Image Attributions

Home Page Image:Angel” by Donald Windley – CC BY-SA

Sleeping Newborn Infant” by Andrés Nieto Porras – CC: BY

“Playing Infants” on CC BY-SA 2.0

An infant swimming underwater” by MasterFinally – CC: BY-NC-SA

Mom and Baby” by Andy Eick – CC: BY-NC-SA

Baby Sleeping POV” by Robert Freiberger – CC: BY-NC-SA

“Happy child finds joy royalty free stock photograph” in gallery Children kids is in public domain.

Happy baby” by Morgan Jones – CC: BY-NC-SA

Baby Feet” by Robert Valencia – CC: BY-NC-SA

“Cute Kid” by Joe Lencioni – CC: BY-NC-SA

Father with his Child” by Julian Povey – CC: BY-NC-SA

wisdom kissing ozare” by cherie joyful – CC: BY-NC-SA

Sometimes, a New Yorker sits in the background, looks around, and wonders what country he’s in” by Ed Yourdon – CC: BY-NC-SA

Another New Normal American Family: Reggie Stanley & Rocky Galloway and kids” by Trent Kelley – CC: BY-NC-SA

An adorable family” by Arda – CC: BY-NC-SA

Sailors participate in Pacific Partnership 2013.” by Official US Navy Page – CC: BY-NC-SA

Training for parents of children with cerebral palsy. BANGLADESH” by Community Eye Health – CC: BY-NC-SA

Our Family II” by J J – CC: BY-NC-SA