About Alison Steier

Alison Steier, Ph.D., is director of the Harris Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Training Institute at Southwest Human Development in Phoenix. She also directs the in-house mental health consultation service, the Birth to Five Helpline and the Fussy Baby Program. Dr. Steier has provided infant mental health training to the Department of Child Safety and Arizona’s Juvenile Judges and Commissioners. She served as a consultant on the Governor’s Subcommittee on Child Welfare Reform and is a frequent presenter on topics related to infant mental health. She also served as a member of the board of the Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition of Arizona and chaired the Coalition’s annual infant mental health conference from 2003-2006. Dr. Steier received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Tulane University and her masters’ and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from George Mason University. Prior to relocating to Phoenix from New Orleans, she was a member of Dr. Charles Zeanah’s “Infant Team,” which evaluates and provides intensive intervention to maltreated infants and toddlers in foster care. She also served as a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry/Neurology at Tulane University Medical Center, and as the senior psychology training clinician to advanced mental health professionals seeking to develop expertise in infant mental health. She was the child/adult clinical fellow in psychology at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital from 1994-1996, and a visiting fellow in psychology on T. Berry Brazelton’s Child Development Unit at Boston’s Children’s Hospital from 1995-1996. Dr. Steier holds a fellowship in infant mental health from Louisiana State University Medical Center and a postdoctorate in infant mental health from Tulane University Medical Center. She has published in the areas of mental health consultation and young children’s attachments to special inanimate objects (“transitional objects”).